Effortlessly Streamline Load Dispatching and Logistics Management with Our Cutting-Edge Solution

Introducing our advanced platform, designed to revolutionize the way you dispatch loads and manage the logistics of carrier load transportation. Seamlessly streamline your operations with our comprehensive solution, providing you with the tools and capabilities needed to optimize efficiency and drive success.

WolfDispatch Desktop App:

With our desktop application at the core, experience unparalleled control over your tasks, projects, and schedules. Seamlessly manage and prioritize your to-do lists, delegate tasks to team members, and effortlessly monitor progress—all from the convenience of your desktop. Our intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing you to navigate effortlessly through the application's robust features.

WolfDispatch Mobile App:

Stay connected and in control, even while on the move. Our mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android devices, keeps you informed and empowers you to manage load dispatching and logistics on the go. Access critical information, communicate with carriers, and resolve issues promptly, ensuring smooth operations no matter where you are.
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WolfDispatch Web App

Introducing WolfDispatch Web App, the perfect complement to our robust desktop system, offering seamless access across multiple devices. Whether you're utilizing a desktop computer, smartphone, or smart TV, you can conveniently access your data from anywhere. Explore the convenience and versatility of our system by visiting our WolfDispatch demo site through the link provided below.
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FMCSA integration

WolfDispatch seamlessly integrates with the FMCSA Web API, streamlining the process of dispatching carriers and ensuring compliance with your organization's safety standards. This integration enables the effortless addition of new carriers to WolfDispatch with a single click, guaranteeing accurate and efficient management of carrier information.
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Dual Companies

This Dual Company feature is very unique in the fact it is enabling separate companies to run within same system; easily posts to separate Accounting systems. No need to leave the screen, simply click the quick access Icon from any Search screen within the program to access the load board for different companies.

Fuel Tax

In addition to the WolfByte suite of products is the Fuel Tax reporting system. Released in February 2004, it is a component of the WolfDispatch Trucking system and is also offered as a stand-alone product. This program was written from guidelines established by the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s MapPoint? program to automate data entry and provide affordable mileage calculations for end users.

Online Load Tracking for Customers

Simplified access to online tracking of loads. Add your own clients with passwords for their accessibility. Search and track loads by lane, load number, BOL, any configuration is possible. Click here to be directed to the WolfTracks demo site.


Email Interface to WolfDispatch

e-Command is an add-on product that complements WolfDispatch by seamlessly integrating email services, enhancing automation to various devices and people. Customizable to suit your business demands.
Sample e-Command functions include:

  • Daily reports emailed automatically (to specific people, times, etc.
  • Pick up or delivery confirmations automatically emailed to customers
  • tracking update required alerts (hourly, daily)
  • email Available Loads to your distribution list
  • update load notes via email

Document Imaging

WolfByte Software gives you the ability to keep all important documents electronically stored in your software. With our technology you can use any standard fax machine to convert paper documents into digital PDF documents. You can even attach those documents to anything in the system. Once stored, you can send a document from the software via e-mail or fax. Imagine sending a POD request in under 10 seconds without leaving your seat!

Efficient Load Dispatching

Our system empowers you to effortlessly dispatch loads to carriers with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and phone calls – our intuitive desktop application centralizes all load information, allowing you to quickly assign and schedule carriers based on their availability, location, and capacity. Experience real-time visibility into load status, ensuring smooth operations from start to finish.

Streamlined Logistics Management:

Managing the logistics of carrier load transportation has never been easier. Our platform provides a holistic view of your operations, enabling you to effectively plan routes, track shipments, and monitor key performance metrics. Gain valuable insights into delivery times, load efficiency, and overall fleet performance to make data-driven decisions and optimize your logistics processes.

Seamless Collaboration:

Collaboration is at the heart of our solution. Effortlessly communicate with carriers, customers, and team members through our integrated messaging system. Share load details, updates, and important documents, fostering a streamlined and transparent workflow. Enhance collaboration and build strong relationships with your network of carriers to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Unmatched Flexibility:

Our platform is built to adapt to your needs. Whether you're using a desktop computer, a tablet, or any other device with a web browser, our browser-based app ensures that you have access to your load dispatching and logistics management tools anytime, anywhere. Experience the freedom to work on your terms, without limitations.

Join the ranks of successful logistics professionals who have harnessed the power of our load dispatching and logistics management solution. Streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and drive growth in your transportation business. Take the leap towards a more optimized future—try our platform today and experience the transformative impact on your load dispatching and logistics management processes.